Portabee GO – new $395 foldable 3D printer


Portabee GO – new $395 foldable 3D printer

Romscraj, developer of the Portabee 3D printer, launched an ultra portable, sleek and robust, Portabee GO 3D printer. Portabee GO 3D printer can be easily folded up for easy transport. When folded, the Portabee Go is only 8cm high, 22cm long and 20cm wide, so you can easily take it in a haversack on a bicycle. Portabee GO also features ultra precise solid steel linear guides, heated printbed and 0.4mm nozzle.


Machine Dimensions (without filament and power adapter)

  • Folded: 208mm x 225mm x 79mm
  • Deployed: 208mm x 225mm x 277mm

Recommended Printing Specifications

  • Wall thickness: 0.48mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.1mm

Build Volume: 120mm (x-axis) x 178mm (y-axis) x 131mm (z-axis)

Build Materials: PLA

Portabee GO is available for pro-order at romscraj’s store for US$395.

~ 3ders.org