#NonbinaryFashion #genderfluid

Category: Nonbinary Fashion/Binders

Industry: Fashion/Swimwear

Location: THe United States

Related to: Fashion/LGBTQI/Genderfluid

Reviewer: Caseena Karim — Parsons Integrated Design

Company: Discriminant. Inc.

Website: thediscriminant.com

Discriminant Inc has just released their line of Chest and Binder Swimwear to kick start their spring fashion collection. Named the CEY, the chest binder comes with a matching hip reducing compression shorts. They are both made from Spandex and Chinlon, using velcro to adjust the chest binder pressure. The company is also giving away some free swimwear to followers, which I think is a great way to advertise but also give people who may not be able to afford this kind of swimwear a chance at that. Nonbinary people and a lot of the LGBTQI community have a hard time when it comes to summer and swimwear, and I think this is a great way to innovate the very gendered market for swimwear that doesn’t address those who are genderfluid/nonbinary/nonconforming. I would love to see more iterations of this that are more fashionable, maybe not just one color, and also would like to look into how healthy the binders are. Sometimes binding may cause a lot of stress on the back, and in turn lead to health issues.