#nanotech #protection

Industry: Cellular Device/Protection/ Electronics

Location: Global

Related: Nanotechnology

Reviewer: Caseena, Karim— Parsons Integrated Design

Company: Nanofixit

Website: https://www.nanofixit.com/

About: Nanofixit is a liquid screen protector, with one drop you rub all over your phone screen, or any electronic screen and it protects from scratches and breaking. I think this is a cool way to combat some planned obsolescence by buying another product of course, but it’s only around 10-$15. 9H hardness, means that you can use an exact knife and scratch your screen and still have it be protected. However, I have my reservations about this because I don’t know how useful it is for water protection, as well removing the protector seems to be a hassle as well, but a really cool invention that shows us the uses of nano tech in a product setting.