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Category: Design /Navigation / Phone Accessories
Industry: Technology
Location: Global
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Reviewer: Mariel De la L. – Parsons School of Fashion.
Company: HUDWAY Glass.
Website: https://hudwayglass.com/

About: The idea for the fully-funded Kickstarter sparked out of the need to re-invent the modern GPS system, since the navigation devices tend to be expensive, as well as bulky. The name of the company comes from the acronym HUD, which stands for “heads-up display,” the product promises to turn any smartphone into a transparent display that shows data from different navigating apps. Not only does the see-through glass enlarge projections by 20% but it also encourages drivers to keep their eyes on the road, significantly reducing the chances of having an accident.

The device works by interacting with a special app that mirrors the images that are displayed on the screen of the cellphone; the interface can be downloaded on iPhones, as well as on every Android phone. At a price of $49.95, it is certainly the best and cheapest option on the market of HUBs.

Official video: https://vimeo.com/132508357