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Industry:  Dinning

Location:  China

Related to:  Service

Reviewer:  HUANG Xiaoyi – Parsons School of Design

Company: Haidilao hot pot

Website: http://www.haidilao.com

About: Haidilao hot pot is a trendy place for people from all age to have hot pot. The restaurant is famous for its service and food. Since  there are always a lot of people waiting, the restaurant provides several interesting services. For instance, some staffs are in charge of cleaning leather shoes.
             For girls, there are places for manicure service.The manicure service can really help killing time while waiting for seats. There are also board and card games, free wifi, drinks and melon seeds are free served. In addition, they also teach paper folding. When the line is extremely long, customers can use their paper folding works as coupons. For example, if I am waiting for a seat, during my waiting I fold 10 works of paper piggy, then I can get a discount of 10 CNY. Those strategies are to keep customers  active while waiting tables.

Link: <Hai Di Lao: Service Beyond Imaginations>