GH: Grasshopper 0.8.0007 available for download

An incremental update is available for download from the usual page.

A Zip file without installer is also available.

Changes and additions:

  • The slider popup editor now has fields for Name and Expression.
  • Digit scrollers now have a text input button for single click text input.
  • Digit scrollers and Sliders embedded in menus can now be double-clicked for text input (not everywhere yet, I’m working on this).
  • Text input fields for digit scrollers and slider now have OK and Cancel buttons.
  • Slider Expressions now use “x” as the expression variable instead of the Slider Name.


  • Adding and removing objects while large groups were present was slow, this is fixed.
  • Recursive curve explode didn’t work, this is fixed.
  • Kinks in nurbscurves were sometimes ignored by Curve Explode, this is fixed.
  • Curve fillets wouldn’t work on curve seams, this is fixed.
  • Expressions could not handle single opening bracket string literals, this is fixed.
  • Coarse mesh settings preset component didn’t work, this is fixed.
  • Long paths in the Last Ditch Save dialog were sometimes only partially displayed, this is fixed.

This release is a bit pre-mature, but since it contains several important fixes I didn’t want to delay any longer.

If you have existing files that contain sliders with expressions, they will most likely generate errors now (unless you named the slider “x”). It should still work, but please update the expressions and replace the slider name with the variable “x” everywhere.

*note, currently (as of 1 March) only works on Rhino 4

David Rutten