DEFINITION : Grasshopper Weave Code


Grasshopper Weave Code : Click here


The weave definition takes any surface, and applies a basic weave pattern to it. This is done by defining an amount of U and V divisions along the surface. From these divisions, the intersection points are raised and lowered, and then connected with an interpolated curve. The goal is to eventually develop more complicated weaves from this base definition, and replace the tubular construction with something a little more dynamic. There are some bugs to be worked out too. As the surface becomes more contoured and 3-dimensional, the weave begins to break up, which can be seen in some of the images.

The definition exposes the well developed tree organization of data in grasshopper. Without this data control, the definition would have been much larger, and not as flexible in terms of weave density. Applying it to any curve surface would have also been more difficult.