ENERGIE (R)EVOLUTION: Summer Studio 2011 (Vienna)


ENERGIE (R)EVOLUTION: Summer Studio 2011 (Vienna)
die Angewandte – University of Applied Arts Vienna

(Now Accepting Applications)

Location: die Angewandte – University of Applied Arts Vienna
Instructors: Prof Reiner Zettl (die Angewandte) / Prof  Wendy W Fok (CUHK)

Level: Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program / Master Level Urban Strategies Research Studio

Brief: As more than half of the world’s population is expected to continue to live in cities, exponential urban development and population growth along with infrastructural increase are considered as parallel concerns and topics of discussion.   The purpose of this studio is to better understand the potential design applications for Architects and Urban designers to be responsive to the needs of the urban environment.   The studio will develop visions for the future condition of the urban fabric taking into account agricultural and ecological research.   Food is the most intimate relationship we have with our habitat.

Exhibition: Selected Projects from the Summer Studio will be exhibited at the AAC Exhibition in Shanghai, China – August 2011.

Email: urban.strategies@uni.ak.ac.at / info@code-collective.org