PROTOTYPING: How to Improve Communication and Design with 3D Printing – Foster+Partners

Foster+ Partners “Crystal Island” 3D Print

Why did one of the world’s leading architecture firms behind such masterpieces as Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Bridge, and 30 St Mary Axe adopt 3D printing technology to enhance their design process? What did they find and how is it improving communication? To learn more, join this complimentary Webcast.

You’ll Learn

  • How 3D printers turn BIM data into accurate physical models, in only hours
  • How this collaborative tool improves communication
  • How to integrate 3D printing into design processes

Presenter: Foster+Partners

Foster+Partners, founded by Chairman, Norman Foster, is based in London with offices worldwide. The practice’s work has helped to reshape the capital over the past four decades with masterplans, infrastructure, museums, civic buildings and landmarks projects such as Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Bridge and 30 St Mary Axe.  Internationally, the practice’s major commissions have included the Millau Viaduct, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced airport terminal in Beijing and the transformation of the Reichstag in Berlin.

source: ZCorp