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Reviewer : Tiphaine Foissac – Parsons School of Design

Company : Ralph Lauren

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Cars and watch are often going hand in hand. Those industries are often linked to each other and collaborations in those industries are ordinary.

Do you remember the old luxury car that your grandfather was driving? Could you picture in your head the mixture of materials, the softness of the carpet and the elegance of the wood? This “honey” wood, rich and warm.

Unfortunately, there are less and less cars like this because it is expensive and could be damaged more easily than plastic.


Ralph Lauren decided a few years ago to honor this special wood by including it to a large collection of luxury watches.

To create the Automotive Collection, Ralph Lauren gets inspired by the world famous 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe.

The love of classic automobiles and high horology are mixed in the Ralph Lauren Skeleton Automotive Watch. Like the old cars with their hood opened, this incredible timepiece spurs you to see its inner workings thanks to the visible, manually wound RL1967 caliber movement.

The round shape of the dial is without us not remembering the of the ruffles

The Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Skeleton Watch is currently one of the latest in a series of truly thunderous luxury watches. The collection was inspired by some of the finest automobiles ever seen