Beauty Pie, or the #Democratization of #Luxury #Cosmetics

Category: Beauty / Fashion

Industry: Make-Up

Related to: Prices / Democratization of Luxury / Transparency

Reviewer: Kevin HAYOUN – Parsons School of Strategic Management

Company: Beauty Pie


Getting a decent array of cosmetics products and make-up tools can be very expensive. Even more so as you are not satisfied with drugstore products and decide to go luxury…

This simple observation of the market gave ideas to new coming brands that decided to rethink completely their business models in order to propose, at the end of the supply chain, a luxury beauty product to their clients.

Introducing Beauty Pie, a new player in the cosmetics game that only charges cost price for its cosmetics: the cost price and ONLY the cost price! Meaning, a foundation for less than 10$, a bronzer or a lipstick for less than 5$… unbeatable on the market.

But how does it work? Actually, Beauty Pie can get away with factory prices thanks to a revolutionary subscription service. In exchange for incredibly low prices, you have to pay to membership fees, which starts at $10 per month or 120$ per year. Although, if you are not yet decided to commit, you still can make a once-off purchase, however, but at a much higher price – equivalent to a famous brand’s product.

According to the Cosmopolitan US dedicated an article to the brand this week “Beauty Pie is based around the idea of cost transparency. Each product comes with a breakdown of how much was spent on product and packaging, warehousing, safety and testing and, finally, taxes, etc.”…

Overall, the things seem to move fast in the Beauty industry, for more and more transparency and sustainability.