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Industry: Aviation

Location: Taiwan

Related to: Innovation

Reviewer: HUANG Xiaoyi – Parsons School of Design

Company: Plaza Premium

Link: http://immian.com/plazapremiumlounge/

Recently in Taoyuan Airport terminal 1 and terminal 2 there are free Plaza Premium lounges. They offer free area and sofa for everybody. The free area is located at the outside part of lounge. Free Wifi and charger provided. But the inside lounge still charges or asks for a high status card from hotel groups, banks, or third party. So the function of free lounge is quite basic. In contrast, the real vip lounge provides place for sleeping and shower, and free foods are served.

The situation is really similar to the place for rest in shopping mall. The seats and sofas are free, and we can also find Wifi and Charging place. The real VIP section should be added in local malls. And the function of real VIP section is directly related to my project.