#ACCESSORIES #TRENDS #STRIPES : A La Carte Handbag Stripes Are Trendy

Industry: Fashion

Location: Global

Related to: A fashion trend in handbags

Reviewer: Morun HE – Parsons School of Design

Company: Fendi (LVMH)

Website: www.fendi.com


Fendi Stripe You Line

In 2016, Fendi announced its new Strap You Line, and all the stripes are not generally included with bags and are sold separately. Fendi has made its stripes extremely creative including leather, exotic and studded version so as to gain a great success. Consumers are attracted by these bag charms and buy these creative stripes to decorate their bags and make them more fun.

More and more brands are engaging in launching their stripes for handbags. And many high-end online retailers have added a section of “bag accessories” to their category navigation.

Creative stripes can make your bags fashionable and personal.


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