#3D #Printed: #Prosthetic allows teenager to play #Guitar #3Dgluck



3Dgluck 3D prints prosthetic hand that gives a teenager born without a left hand the ability to play guitar.  Most 3D printed prosthetics offer enough dexterity to pick up small and medium sized objects but the one designed by 3Dgluck offers more dexterity – enough to handle a guitar pick.

Diego Corredor wanted to play guitar but lost his right hand at birth. While he could use a prosthesis to grab a glass of water or pick up objects, he wasn’t able to hold a pick and strum the strings. Then a group of makers at 3D Gluck came along.

The team worked with Corredor, who lives in Colombia, to build a custom prosthetic that he could use to play guitar. Because it didn’t have to look much like a hand they were able to experiment with the shape, finally settling on a shield to place over his arm as well as a pair of pinchers to hold the pick. The team also emblazoned the arm with the Linkin Park logo for Corredor.

“We wanted to create something that was useful and that could increase Diego’s quality of life,” said 3DGluck co-founder Andrea Monroy.

3D printed prosthetics from e-Nable and other non-profit groups have thus far focused on very simple hands that can be printed for less than $50. Corredor’s hand cost about that much and has allowed the teen to learn to play a mean electric guitar.

via 3Dprint