#3DArt #ProjectPlanning #accessibility#resin

Category: 3D Modelling/3D Art

Industry: Architecture/Art

Location: Global

Related to: Urban Planning/Drafting

Reviewer: Caseena Karim— Parsons Integrated Design

Company: 3Doodler

About: the 3Doodler uses a special type of resin that allows you to draw in 3D. The resin works like a  flu gun to draw on paper or flat surfaces, for art projects, architecture, and project planning. This product is great for project planning, and art projects but the durability of the 3Doodler, and expenses of the resin can begin to get pricey and it limits the usability of the product. However, you can use the pen on various flat surfaces, allowing for it to work as phone cases, toy making, project planning and I think that further exploration with the medium would allow the product to be used for more than just commercial means. However, I think the product is relatively affordable ($100) and allows for different kinds of people to have more resources that they would not otherwise have access to outside of art institutions.