#3D #SCANNING: New #Kinect #V2 Adapter Gives 3D #Builder Full-Color 3D Scanning Powers for #3D #Printing


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Reviewer: Harrison Hecht – Parsons School of SDS

Company: Microsoft

Website: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/kinect

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXbDkJ7cRrA

About: Following the release of the new Xbox One Kinect, a decrease in 3D scanning capabilities caused by the USB lacking “improved” sensor generated conflicted user feedback; however, Microsoft is now offering a $49 USB adapter and has lowered the price on the new Kinect to alter the negative user feedback and reel in future Microsoft users. By combining the Kinect Sensor and the adapter (contains 3D scanning capabilities) with the Microsoft 3D Builder App, 3D printing is no longer something restricted to professional or trained 3D modelers or architects. The scanning feature is what makes the 3D printed objects worthwhile because you can scan real people and create exact replicas. While this isn’t a full blown digital modeling or CAD program, the app can model, add texts/images, manipulate shapes, etc.

While Apple appears to be on top of the world in terms of technology, Microsoft is resurrecting itself by developing user friendly programs and apps that can accomplish tasks that once required professional training. For less than $200, 3D body scanning is attainable and simple. In the promo video for the new Kinect, it showed how simple it was to scan a married couple and 3D print. Despite it’s simplicity, there is no way to tell whether Microsoft’s programs will replace traditional modeling technology such as Rhino, which will most likely remain one of  the primary standards for 3D modeling.  However, the Kinect and 3D Builder are proof that Microsoft will always make an impact through innovating user friendly products that rival with industry standard software developed by other companies.