3D MEDIA: scribbled line digital portraits

‘cinema-flash showdown’ scribbled line digital portraits by ayaka ito and randall church

blending programming, design, and photography the ‘cinema-flash showdown‘ is a series of digital photographic works created by american designers ayaka ito and randall church while students at the college of imaging arts and sciences at rochester institute of technology (RIT).

to create each piece, the artists photographed each location both with and without the model using HDRI sphere lighting, thereby obtaining enough information to be able to isolate the subject from the background. church then used a 3D flash drawing app he created to generate splines over the shape of the model. these were imported into the cinema 4D modeling application.

the final 3D render utilizes an alpha channel that masks the model back into the background, seemingly broken up by the lines of the splines. the designers note that the look of wire sculptures and a desire for organic-like lines guided their artistic process.

left: full view of the forest portrait
right: 3D model of the subject

the 12×18” photographic prints

via thecreatorsproject