E-Traces – A Digital Tracer of a Dancer’s Footwork

Category: Arduino/Bluetooth to App

Industry: Dance/Movement Research

Location: Barcelona

Related to: Fashion technology/Graphic Design/Product Design

Reviewer:  Mati Hays – Parsons School of Fine Arts

Company: Lesia Trubat

Website: http://cargocollective.com/lesiatrubat

About: The strokes of a ballerina’s feet call to more expressions than of just dancing. The body and its movements can also attain the abilities of being a mark-maker. Lesia Trubat, a graphic and product designer based in Barcelona merged the act of drawing and movement through her invention called, Electronic Traces (E-Traces for short). This project considers the ballet shoe as a wearable tool to record the dancer’s footwork. By sewing in a Lilypad Arduino micro controller circuit board, conductive threads and motion sensors, the data is then transferred through bluetooth and into a compatible app, where the visuals of markings are made.